Out of State Purchases

NY Out-of-State Car Purchases |Riverhead, NY

At Apple Honda we pride ourselves on our great deals and offers. We want to share those specials with everyone- and that means buyers who reside outside of New York!

  • We specialize in out of state purchases and make it easy on you!
  • We take care of registration, titling, and collection state taxes & fees all so you can drive away in a vehicle the same day.
  • You won't have to drive to the DMV when you return home!
  • We'll even give your delivered vehicle a NY State inspection (though with some states you will need to re-inspect.)

What we need from you

  • A valid ID or State driver’s license
  • Valid proof of insurance
  • Certified check or cash down for payments

It also doesn’t hurt to bring additional IDs like a social security card, credit card, and other photo ids.

Massachusetts Drivers

Unfortunately the state does not recognize in-transit permits. For further questions please reach out to us at 888-714-9961

Here are maps that show our local, NY, and out-of-state purchases. For more info, contact us in the form below.

"Last 6 Months Sales"

    NY Honda Out of State Purchases        


"Local Sales for Last Three Months"

Just take a look at our out of state sales in the last 6 months! We've served customers from east to west and those bordering Mexico & Canada!

If you love our deals or have an eye on a certain vehicle in our inventory, contact us to learn more. Just let the sales person know you're out of state so they can give you the complete run down and set up an appointment for a test drive. We look forward to meeting you and hearing all about your home state.

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