Buying a new car is a wonderful feeling but once it’s in the driveway, it’s time to take the proper steps to protect your ride. A new car doesn’t need much in terms of maintenance but there are still a few things you need to do. Here at Apple Honda, we have a few must-do new car care tips for owners everywhere!

1.      Read – No one likes to read owner’s manuals but it’s one of the best things a driver can do. Learning about your vehicle is one way to ensure that there aren’t any surprises in store. You’ll also be able to find and mark the service schedule so you can reference it whenever you need to.

2.      Protect – If you didn’t opt in for gap insurance, make sure you don’t skimp on proper coverage. Your new vehicle is an investment that has to last for years to come and the last thing anyone wants is for an accident to leave them without money and a car. Even if insurance isn’t required in your state, make getting the right amount of coverage a priority.

3.      Drive – To break in your new ride, simply drive the speed limit. Some drivers choose to break in their vehicles by either speeding down the road or cruising along at low speeds. Those who drive the speed limit ensure their vehicle will be able to drive under the same conditions for years to come.

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