Apple Honda Vehicle Detailing


You love the feeling of a clean home, right? So why shouldn't you enjoy the feeling of a clean car?! Detailing can help give your vehicle that "new car" feel ahead, and it's also great for the interior materials and exterior paint job.

At Apple Honda we have a wide range to detailing services to fit all budgets. One of our favorites is the express detail that gives the inside and outside some TLC. Our other packages include: Super Wash, Interior and/or Exterior, The Ultimate Restoration, and Premium Auto Butler. If you'd prefer to go the a la carte method, we offer one off services like pet hair removal, paintless dent repair, and leather conditioning, to name a few!

For more information, call us at 631-727-0904 to set up a detailing appointment with our detailing team!


As you can see, our detailing packages are very comprehensive. Sap and other icky things on your car? We'll take care of them! Headlights lost their luster? We'll handle that too! We love the look on customers faces when they get their vehicle back looking brand new.

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